1. nypl:

    Happy Chinese New Year from us here at NYPL!

    To help celebrate the year of the horse, join us on Saturday, February 8th at the Chatham Square Library between 10am and 5pm as we give you a chance to record your Lunar New Year stories! These stories will be part of the collection at Chatham Square Library and you’ll receive a CD to bring home after your conversation too. What a great way to save your memories for future generations to listen to!

  2. smithsonian:

    Happy 30th bday, Macintosh!

    Our friends at the National Museum of American History are remembering the computer’s 1984 debut: http://s.si.edu/1asDCYO


  3. You wanna find out some personal shit?

    1. 1. Any scars?
    2. 2. Self harmed?
    3. 3. Crush?
    4. 4. Kissed anyone?
    5. 5. Coke or Pepsi?
    6. 6. Someone you hate?
    7. 7. Best Friends?
    8. 8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs?
    9. 9. What's your dream job?
    10. 10. Ever been in love?
    11. 11. Last time you cried?
    12. 12. Favorite color?
    13. 13. Height?
    14. 14. Birthday?
    15. 15. Eye color?
    16. 16. Hair color?
    17. 17. What do you love?
    18. 18. Obsession?
    19. 19. If you had one wish, what would it be?
    20. 20. Do you love someone?
    21. 21. Kiss or hug?
    22. 22. Nicknames people call you?
    23. 23. Favorite song?
    24. 24. Favorite band?
    25. 25. Worst thing that has ever happened to you?
    26. 26. Best thing that has ever happened to you?
    27. 27. Something you would change about yourself?
    28. 28. Ever dated someone?
    29. 29. Worst mistake?
    30. 30. Watch the movie or read the book?
    31. 31. Ever had a heartbreak?
    32. 32. Favorite show?
    33. 33. Best day of your life?
    34. 34. Any talents?
    35. 35. Do you wish you could ever start over?
    36. 36. Any bad habits?
    37. 37. Ever had a near death experience?
    38. 38. Someone I can tell anything to?
    39. 39. Ever lost a loved one?
    40. 40. Do you believe in love?
    41. 41. Someone you hate/Dislike?
    42. 42. Are you okay?
    43. 43. Relationship status?

  4. Space and the Microbiome


    New findings suggest that just a few days in zero-gravity can alter the behaviour of the beneficial microbes in our gut, in some cases turning them against us.


  5. skeptv:

    Science Of Innovation: Electronic Tattoo

    A micro-electronic health monitor so thin, light and portable that it can attach right to the surface of skin and go wherever a person goes. This innovation has the potential to revolutionize the field of healthcare technology.

    Provided by the National Science Foundation & NBC Learn

    via Videos at NSF.


  6. My Ferrets

  7. skeptv:

    How Fire Burns in Space

    Without the ability to spray water, how do you put out a fire in space? And for that matter, without gravity, what does a burning fire look like? Trace has the answers.

    via DNews Channel.

    Wow. …

  8. marvel1980s:

    1985 - Splash page from Web Of Spider-Man Annual #2 by Art Adams.

    Awesome… thank you for sharing

    (via themarvelageofcomics)

  9. skeptv:

    The Oldest Child Is Smarter and Here’s Why

    A new study out shows that when it comes to intelligence, the oldest child has the upper hand. Laci Green explains what led researchers to this conclusion, and if younger siblings are really doomed to a life of mediocrity.

    via DNews Channel.

    So… cool to know!

  10. discoverynews:

    Documentaries like “Blackfish” have sparked worldwide debate about whether Orcas should be held in captivity and used for our entertainment. Laci looks at just how intelligent these animals are and what a life out of the ocean does to them.


  11. medicalschool:

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

    MBTI is based on the work of Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist who studied personality archetypes, and founded analytical psychology. Katherine Briggs and her daughter, Isobel Briggs Myers, expanded on Jung’s theory to identify a total of four pairs of opposing psychological elements. According to the theory, everyone has a preference for one of the characteristics within each pair, and we use that preferred approach most of the time.

    The four psychological scales are as follows:
    (E) Extroversion – (I) Introversion
    (S) Sensing – (I) Intuition
    (T) Thinking – (F) Feeling
    (J) Judging – (P) Perceiving
    Although one side of each scale is thought to be dominant for each of us, that doesn’t mean it’s the only way we can relate to the world. However, this is usually our preference and the style we use most naturally. So, if you’re a person who relies on feelings, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use objective data to make decisions. It simply means that you’ll probably use feelings to some degree.

    If you are curious about your personality type, you can take the MBTI here.

    You can also learn more about each of the 16 Personality Types here .


  12. skeptv:

    SCI CODE: Don’t Wash Your Jeans

    Are you wasting water by washing your jeans on a weekly basis? Listen to this SCI CODE Pro Tip. The germs in your denim are here to stay. So wash your pants lest often and conserve energy and water.

    via Coma Niddy.


  13. skeptv:

    Why Body Hair?

    via scishow:

    In today’s episode Hank talks about hair: What’s it good for, what’s it made of, and why do we have less than other mammals?


  14. Kaos at sonics

  15. My ferret s